Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals

Certification — Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the name of the credential?

The name of the credential is Certified Equine Interaction Professional – Mental Health (CEIP – MH) or Certified Equine Interaction Professional – Education (CEIP – ED). It is the designation a mental health or education professional receives upon submitting the proper experience and education documentation and passing the written examination. The Certification Board for Equine Interaction Professionals (CBEIP) oversees the credential.

Why do we need a credential and what are the benefits of certification?

Based upon practitioner requests, the credential was developed to better serve the equine interaction mental health and education profession.

  1. It recognizes advanced professionals for their commitment to the profession.
  2. It supports the goal of professionals who incorporate equines in their work to have these interventions recognized as valid and effective.
  3. It verifies the expanded education, skills, and experience needed to be successful as an Equine Interaction Professional.
  4. Certification provides encouragement for continued personal and professional growth in the field.
  5. Those just coming into the field will gain a “road map” for learning the required skills to work with challenged people through the use of equines.
  6. No other organization provides certification based on theoretical grounding in broad competencies that meet national credentialing standards.
Today's mental health and education professionals face increasingly complex regulatory and outcome requirements, and CBEIP sets professional and educational standards through certification. The CBEIP certification tests professionals for a body of knowledge that is required in order to effectively partner with animals in mental health and education settings.

Why should I pursue the CBEIP professional credential?

The CBEIP credential provides documented evidence that you have been examined by an independent certifying organization and have been found to possess a certain basic level of knowledge about the specialized field of equine assisted interaction. The CBEIP has established a level of knowledge required for certification of professionals who work with horses in their practice; and thereby assisting the employer, public, and members of the profession in identifying equine interaction professionals.

Is there a way to be Grandfathered into Certification

No one is grandfathered into the use of the credential. The founding members of the Board (CBEIP) are permitted to USE the credential for a one-time period of time because those who develop the examination are prohibited from it. They may only keep the credential if they apply for and pass the examination within two years after leaving the Board.

How long does it take CBEIP to process my application?

The standard processing time for applications is four to six weeks from receipt. All applications are processed in the order in which they are received and eligible candidates will be mailed an Eligibility Notice with complete instructions on how to schedule their examination date and location. We are unable to provide individual status information for applications pending.

How do I know where the closest test center is located?

The Certification Examination for Equine Interaction Professionals is administered during an established two-week testing period on a daily basis, Monday through Saturday, excluding holidays, at computer-based testing facilities managed by PSI. PSI has several hundred testing sites in the United States, as well as Canada. Scheduling is done on a first-come, first-serve basis. To find a testing center near you visit: www.ptcny.com/cbt/sites.htm or call PSI at (800) 211-2754. Please note: Hours and days of availability vary at different centers. You will not be able to schedule your examination appointment until you have received an Eligibility Notice from PTC.

What is the application fee?

Application fee for the Certification Examination for Equine Interaction Professionals is:

Application Fee........................................ $300.00

Download Handbook for Candidates and Application.  

Can I take the CBEIP Exam at my place of work?

The examination may only be administered at proctored computerized facilities designated by CBEIP.

What study materials are available and what does CBEIP recommend I use to prepare for the Exam?

Many organizations publish materials relating to the field of Equine Interactions. A list of reading reference resources is included in the Handbook for Candidates and can be found at the Download Hanbook link above. It is suggested that those who are planning to take the examination review the content outline of the examination (also found in the Handbook ) and brush up in those areas where they might not feel as confident of their knowledge. It is not necessary to purchase or read all of the suggested resources.

How do I get the information listed in the reading reference list?

The Reading Reference list includes the complete name and author of each document. You may be able to order the books through the internet, at your local bookstore, or you may need to contact the author or sponsoring organization to obtain a copy.

Why is the reading reference list so extensive? Will all of the materials be tested?

The Reading Reference list was developed to be broad reaching in scope so all candidates will be able to locate materials for those areas of the examination they wish to study. While all of the questions on the examination will be drawn from materials on the list, not all of the information found on the list will be on each form of the examination.

What will the new credential test?

A detailed Test Content Outline, including the weightings for each area, is found in the Handbook for Candidates on this website.

Will it be possible to achieve Lifetime Credential status for the credential?

There is no lifetime credential. The profession is continuing to increase in complexity; as a result, continuing education will play a major role in making sure Equine Interaction Professionals stay current on the latest best practices in equine interactions as well as in their primary field of mental health or education.

How are the Exams scored? What is passing?

The examination is criterion-referenced which means that there is one passing score for each form of the examination. The CBEIP sets the passing score as it approves each new form of the examination. Statistics which are maintained on each question will assure that subsequent forms of the examination, although containing several different questions, will remain equivalent in level of difficulty.

What do I do before I pass the Exam?

You will need to apply for eligibility prior to taking the examination. You can obtain the appropriate application in the Handbook for Candidates section on the Web site. Complete and sign the application, attach the required experience and education documentation, and mail the application along with the appropriate fee. CBEIP recommends that you maintain a copy of the entire application. Following the acceptance of the experience and education documentation, you will be notified that you are approved to take the examination and given details to schedule your exam.

How do I document my work experience?

CBEIP does not allow candidates to self-validate their work experience. You will be required to provide documentation in the form of a copy of your license to practice, a current teaching certificate, Masters Degree or other documentation to prove your authority to practice as a mental health or education professional.

What do I do if I fail the examination?

In order to re-test, you will need to submit another application and appropriate documents to the CBEIP and pay the appropriate fee. There is no discount on re-tests.

For how long is my credential valid?

Your certification will be valid for three (3) years from the date you were certified.

How do I keep my certification valid if it expires in 3 years?

The process for maintaining your certification is called 'recertification.’ It requires a completed application with backup documentation showing that you have met specific requirements.
You may recertify through either Continuing Education Unit (CEU) documentation or by re-taking the exam. In order to recertify through CEUs, you will need to document points through participation at specific industry events, professional development/continuing education hours earned during your current certification period, any other achieved certifications, and continued work experience.

How do I earn points for re-certification?

There are several ways to earn points toward recertification. You can receive points for college courses, attending or presenting at public seminars or conferences, business-related training provided by your employer, correspondence courses, publishing an article in an established purchasing or trade magazine or journal, or even earning a certification from another organization. The CBEIP does not need to pre-approve your courses. CEIPs are required to track their own events or continuing education training.

What do I do when my certification expires?

Approximately six (6) months before the expiration of your credential CBEIP will send a complete packet of information about the procedures for recertification. You will be required to submit a completed recertification application, documentation of your continuing education or professional experience, at least one newly written question to be used on a future examination, and a recertification fee. These materials will need to be submitted BEFORE your recertification expiration date.

Is it possible to get a replacement or additional certificate from CBEIP?

The CBEIP will provide a replacement or an additional certificate for a processing fee of $25 per certificate. All requests for replacement certificates must be made in writing to: CBEIP, 1350 Broadway, 17th Floor, New York , NY 10018.